June 2019 Empties

A healthy amount of empties this month - including a couple of my everyday essentials that have been/will need to be replaced

WR - Will repurchase or have already repurchased.
MR - Might repurchase at a later date when similar products have been used up first.
WNR - Will not repurchase. Either it wasn't right/didn't work for me, was too expensive or I just didn't like it.

* Emma Hardie - Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm MR
It took me a while to buy into the Emma Hardie fan club but after using her famous Moringa cleansing balm I can absolutely see why everyone loves it so much. I think it took me a while to respect the scent of Moringa but again, I grew to love it. The texture of this balm is amazing too. I love how it emulsifies into a milky lotion and clears up all makeup, grime and SPF with ease. Would like to repurchase, but there's a long list of balms to use up and other balms I'd like to try first.

* Eau Thermale Avene - Skin Recovery Cream WNR

I bought this a couple of years ago during a winter when my skin was really suffering from the cold. I've not really had the same issues with winter skin since that time so this ended up in my swim bag. Products that end up in my swim bag are generally ones that need to be used up or moisturisers that are too rich for daytime use. This cream was far too rich for everyday use, so I'd use it on my face for the brief period after swimming and before I got home to my usual 'proper' morning routine.

* Natura Estonica - Ginseng & Acai Face Tonic WR

I picked this up really cheaply in T.K Maxx and it wasn't at all bad. In fact, I'd buy another if I ever came across it again. It's a nice, basic hydrating toner so perfect for every day use. It definitely has a bit of an artificial 'pink' smell (Parfum is listed towards the end of the ingredients) but it's not a scent that I minded too much - I've just gotten used to (and much prefer) natural scents in my products these days. Definitely worth the £3 I paid for it though.

* Ishtar Skinlights - Bioactive 2.5% Retinol Serum WR
I finished a couple of my everyday essential holy grail products this month. 
Since using this Retinol, I'm not even remotely interested in trying another brand - this one is just so amazing. My skin is generally in the best condition it's ever been in, and I give this Retinol serum a LOT of credit for that. I need to replace this asap - because the packaging is opaque, this ran out without warning. Please skin, behave well until I replace this!

I recently reviewed this here.

* The Ordinary - 100% Plant-Derived Squalane MR
This was one of the very first facial oils I bought and my collection has grown considerably since this purchase. This means that I have A LOT of oils to get through, and as they are the products which take the longest to use up, I worry about them expiring. So I did end up using this oil up on my body so that I could use it up before it expired.

Squalane is one of my skin's favourite oils - light and dry, easy to absorb, leaving my face plump and hydrated. It's such a fantastic oil and I would certainly reconsider repurchasing in the future.

* A.Florence Skincare - Hydration Booster WR
I'm often guilty of saving or holding back on products that I consider really special. Sometimes it's because they are quite expensive and I may not have the funds to replace them, and sometimes it's just because of a long-held 'save for best' mentality that I just can't seem to shake off! The Hydration Booster was certainly a product that I felt was extra special and was 'saving for best'. I really do need to try and stop doing that as products are liable to expire whilst I dither and that would be a crying shame.
I really, really love the Hydration Booster. I only bought the small size (maybe another reason why I held back from using it regularly) and so when I do repurchase, I'll definitely opt for the full size as this didn't take long to finish off. The serum contains Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid and is incredibly hydrating and effective. I would often mix this with the A.Florence Skincare Intense Night Repair Oil as the combination of the two is pure dynamite! However, on a couple of occasions, if I used it with a different facial oil, it would cause certain oils to pill. I'm wondering if that's the HA? I often find that HA serums can cause facial oils to pill.

Casa Mencarelli - Sicilia Green Clay & Lemon Face Mask WR
This mini sized Casa Mencarelli mask came from a Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box some time ago and I really tried to eke it out to get the maximum uses from this pot! Very easy to mix and apply, it's a fantastic clarifying, brightening mask. I will be repurchasing this in the future when I've finished up some more masks from my stash. I previously reviewed this mask here.

* Alexander Sky Botanicals - Eye Balm WR
I was very kindly sent this sample of the Alpine Cellular Complex Brightening Eye Balm from Alexandra after bemoaning on Twitter how most of my (then) current eye care products seemed to be making my eyes water. I'd never heard of an eye balm before and to be honest, would have assumed that it would be too heavy and oily to wear under the eye. But this has been a complete revelation to me! It's absolutely turned my eye care routine around for the better. I have already purchased a full size of this balm. I recently reviewed it here.

* Love Absolute - Soulful Spice Mask & Balm (*PR) - WR
This was one of the samples from the Radiance & Glow Taster Kit that Love Absolute sent me to try out. This was my favourite of all the products that I tried. An amazing Turmeric gel balm which can turns to a silky gel lotion when mixed with water. Can be used as a mask or as a cleansing balm. Super deep-cleansing but without drying out your skin. I reviewed it here. I would love to purchase this at a later date.

* Nuxe - Reve de Miel Lip Balm MR
Phew! Finally finished this. This had a 6 month shelf life but it probably took me three times that long to finish this up! When I first bought this I found it incredibly heavy to use. If used as an overnight lip balm I would wake up with greasy lips - not a nice look or feeling! I eventually learned how little I needed to use and then started to enjoy it a bit more. I'd consider re-purchasing this, but my lip balm stash is one of the biggest parts of my hoard, so it will be a long time before I actually need to buy another lip balm.

* Dewytree  - Madecassoside Melting-Chou Mask 
I haven't give this a re-purchase code because I'm not going to buy any more single use sheet masks but marking it as 'WNR' makes it look like it's a terrible product - which is certainly isn't!
I still have a few left of these from the multi-pack I bought in T.K Maxx so will use these up but I'll miss them as it's honestly the best mask I've ever tried.
What makes this mask so amazing is the Madecassoside serum. I wish DewyTree sold the serum separately as I would buy that in a flash. After using this mask there's always about 10ml of serum left in the packet, so I decant that and can get over a week's use. It's such an intensely hydrating and soothing serum. Makes me want to try more products which include Madecassoside.


* PHB Ethical Beauty - Bio-Gel Skin Perfector WNR
When I heard that a full size of the Bio-Gel Skin Brightener was going to appear in this month's Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box, I whipped out this sample to see how it was going to suit me as the ingredients are similar. I have a sensitivity with products with Aloe Vera but some are okay and some really don't work for me. Unfortunately, the high content of Aloe Vera in this product makes it a no-go. It's a shame because this is a product that I would have really liked otherwise.

* Clarins - Extra-Firming Yeux MR
I surprised myself by really liking this eye cream, Surprised because I'm on a bit of a downer in my attitude towards eye creams and also because I've never really loved any Clarins product that I've tried to the point of wanting to repurchase.
This was an intensely rich cream, which I might usually find too heavy, but actually it absorbed really well and felt nourishing and soothing. Didn't cause Milia either. It's twice the price of my usual eye cream, but 15ml of eye cream always lasts a good amount of time, so I may consider repurchasing this at a later date.

Body Care etc

* Dove - Derma Spa Uplifted Body Oil WNR
I picked this up ages ago on clearance at Superdrug before I really started using natural products. I liked it well enough at the time, but since using natural body oils I can see why I made the switch! The main thing to dislike is the obviously artificial fragrance - seriously, haven't you smelled nature, Unilever?! There is absolutely no need to add artificial fragrance - that is, unless you're trying hard to mask other artificial ingredients. And that's all I have to say about that!

* Neutrogena - Norwegian Formula Visibly Renew Hand Cream SPF20 MR
Another item I picked up from the clearance shelf at Superdrug, I think they had it priced at about 60p. It was a good no-nonsense, no-frills hand cream. I did like the inclusion of SPF 20 - I wish more hand creams would do that. I do prefer more natural hand products, but would possibly consider buying this again - even at the full price!

* Weleda - Skin Food WR
I was late jumping aboard the love train for this product. Tell me, why did I wait so long?
What a fabulous product! Smells gorgeous, nice and thick and perfect for all those dry and rough problematic skin areas. This will remain a staple in my skincare arsenal from now on. Already bought another.

* Eden Days - Hawaiian Haven Body Butter WR
I've had this for so long because it was one of my favourite body butters and I didn't want to use it up! Crazy really as it's such a great price and wouldn't break the bank to replace it! This is my favourite scent from Eden Days so far. It's such a lovely silky balm which applies beautifully and absorbs well whilst still leaving a silky finish. Gorgeous stuff! 

Will repurchase after I've finished off another couple of body butters from my stash.

* Orchard View Naturals - Golden Perfume Sample *(PR) WR
This is an absolute stunner of a perfume. 99.9% natural, Golden EDT is formulated using 19 natural aromatics including Pink Pepper, Pink Grapefruit, Neroli, Damask Rose, Frankincense, Bergamot & Tuberose. I absolutely love how these scents dance around on the skin throughout the day. At first it's all about the zingy and fresh citrus notes, which later mellow into delicate florals, finally settling on the warm spicy notes. You can read more about my thoughts on OV Naturals here.

* Omoi Skincare - All in One Balm WR
One of my all-time favourite multi-purpose balms. This super luxe silky balm soothes, protects and heals everywhere it touches! I kept this on my desk and used it for rough and dry skin patches, lips, nails and cuticles. Luckily I've got another sample of this, but will definitely replace when that's used up too.


* Hesh - Rose Petal Powder
This rose petal masking powder unfortunately became a victim of stash overload. I'm not sure if it had just expired or succumbed to the dampness of being kept in a cardboard box in a bathroom, but the powder had turned all manky and was sadly unfit for use.

* Models Own - Mediterranean Haze Eye Shadow Quad
The only shade I like from this quad is pretty much a duplicate of ten other eye shadows that I own, so out it goes!

* Natrabalm - Emollient Moisturising Cream 
Bought for my son who has eczema, but he never touched it, and it's since expired.


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