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Weekly Make Up Bag #12

A new week and three new make up buys! I just had my face threaded and waxed for the first time and it's left me in a bit of a mess - itchy lumps along my jawline and general splotchiness. This is a bit of a pain as my skin was in great condition before I did this so I'm hoping it won't last too long! I've also decided not to wear any make up until it calms down a bit as I don't want to make it any worse. So I'm itching (literally!) to start wearing make up again as one of the benefits of threading facial hair is that you get a smoother canvas to work on! So here's what I've chosen for when this mess clears up a bit! * Primer - Laura Geller Spackle Treatment - I think I've used this once before but can't really remember what it was like! So I'm giving it another try. * Foundation - Bare Minerals Pro foundation (sample) - I picked up a sample of this at the end of last week to try out. If I use this all up then I will use the Models Own Runway Fou…

Bielenda - Dr Medica Capillaries Serum Review

Bielenda Dr Medica Capillaries Serum - 30 ml for £4.99 BUY HERE Earlier this year I noticed that I appeared to have quite a few broken capillaries - particularly on my nose but also some on my cheeks and chin. A quick google for treatment and skincare products for broken capillaries and the Bielenda Dr Medica Capillaries serum looked most favourable (and best value!). I was pretty happy to find out about Bielenda products through this serum - they have a huge range of skin and bodycare products with some fantastic ingredients. The Bielenda Professional range is particularly exciting! I buy my Bielenda products from Clamanti - there are actually more products in this Capillaries range including micellar water and capillaries cream.

Ingredients that help with Redness - Broken Capillaries, Rosacea, Sensitive Red Skin
There are so many products on the market that can address redness - here are some of the natural ingredients to look out for:
* Chestnut
* Willowherb
* Licorice
* Aloe Vera
* Tu…

Obsession Makeup London - Build Your Own Palette

I was browsing the make up in Boots as there currently is a 3 for 2 offer on most make up. I've seen the Obsession Makeup London stand before but not really paid it too much attention, but with a particular eye look in mind (dark brown and copper), I noticed that they had some really interesting metallic shades so I decided to do a bit of swatching.

Then I noticed the price - most of the pans were just £2 each - which would mean that you could get three pans for just £4 with the current offer. Obsession Makeup London is part of the Tam Beauty group (Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, Freedom etc) and you can tell this as soon as you see the packaging and the whole vibe of the make up on offer. But it threw me a bit as I always associate the Tam Beauty Brands with Superdrug rather than Boots. So, on to the swatching! There's a great colour choice and my god! These eye shadows are so pigmented and buttery - a real treat to use. Also available in this pan format are highlighters, brow …

This Week's Skincare Deals

Browsing when bored - it can be a dangerous thing financially! My resistance levels are down when I'm bored and I'm less likely to have good judgement (or remember my mountainous skincare stash back at home that I need to use up first!) in what I choose or what I think I need! This was definitely one of those spend-too-much-when-bored weeks for me. I shopped online, I walked round all the beauty halls and make up counters in town, I bid on too many things on eBay! And most of the things I bought weren't even on my wish list!
Cerave - Foaming Cleanser - £9.00 for 236ml - Buy at Boots This actually was one of the items that had been on my wish list as soon as I heard that it would finally be available in the UK (Boots now stock this range as from earlier this month). So many people on Instagram chose this as one of their all-time favourite cleansers. This was something I listened to, because usually when people pick their holy grail items online, they're generally high-pric…

Weekly Make Up Bag #11

There's a lot of new buys in this week's make up bag! Shopping in Seville wasn't as exciting as I hoped with me walking away from Sephora having bought nothing! I was disappointed to see that the European Sephora offerings were actually very limited, with nothing that you couldn't buy here in the UK (or online easily) and all of them at higher prices than the UK! There were none of the U.S brands that I was hoping to see (like Milk Makeup or Bite Beauty) and they didn't stock any of those tempting Sephora sets that you see on the U.S website. However, I did manage to bag some goodies. Seville is absolutely teeming with Farmacias, including a couple of Superdrug-style discount shops. I was happy to find some U.S budget beauty brands like Milani, Physicians Formula and Wet n Wild - although choices were limited. I also shopped in the Nyx store and Kiko Milano and my favourite shop was a Korean Beauty store called 'Planet Skin' where I stocked up on some sheet mask…

Weekly Make Up Bag #10

Very excited to choose the make up bag for this week because this is my holiday make up bag. We're off to Seville for  few days! Whilst packing up my wash bag, skincare and make up for the holiday I couldn't help but feel I was choosing quite basically as I know there's a Sephora just down the road - and hey, if I run out or have forgotten something, I'll just go and have to buy something new, won't I?!
* Foundation - I've chosen a sample of the Lancôme Teinte Idole in Shade 02 Lys Rose. This will definitely last for the duration of our short break. * CC Crème - Erborian CC Crème - Loving this little sample and will definitely be looking to repurchase a full size. It gives a fantastic light coverage and makes my skin look fresh and healthy. * Under Eye Concealer - Inglot - Will be using this until it's used up. * Powder - TonyMoly Cats Wink - This is a great compact powder for touch-ups. * Bronzer - Nars Laguna Cream Stick - Have enjoyed wearing bronzer in the pa…

Weekly Make Up Bag #9

Last week's items were mostly chosen to see whether I wanted to keep or de-clutter. I ended up keeping the Hikari eye shadow quad but decided to de-clutter the Pop Beauty eye shadow trio as it was just too chalky and shimmery for me. I also already thought that I might end up de-cluttering the Bobbi Brown cream eye shadow stick but I wanted to give it one last chance. It only took one use for me to realise that this cream stick just wasn't for me. Another switcheroo was the Touch in Sol foundation that I only bought last week online. I loved the concept and the application but it was just far too light for me, so I swapped it for my Missha BB Cream.
* CC Crème - New - Erborian - I received this as one of my Latest in Beauty choices last week. It's a pretty amazing product and conceals, brightens, primes and blurs pores all in one go. This is my first CC Crème and I admit that some of the 'alphabet creams' are confusing to me, so I was glad to get the chance to try one…

Unboxing ~ Look Fantastic Beauty Box March 2018

Always very happy to receive my Look Fantastic Beauty Box and it's one where I intentionally avoid seeing any 'sneak peeks' as I'm usually delighted with the contents every month. In the past, I've tended to 'go off' a beauty subscription box after a few months as they always seem to get weaker. Not so with the Look Fantastic box, but there have been a couple where I haven't been as excited at first glance. I'm going to rate this beauty box a little differently this month - giving a first impressions/excitement score for when you first open the box and a score for the design of the box, as I've realised that this actually has more of an impact on me than I thought it did. Also, I'm going to score each item for their desirability level and also a score for their performance after first use (I won't be scoring items I haven't tried out yet)! Here's this month's box! Box Design - 2/5 - I think I prefer the usual plainer boxes than t…

Unboxing ~ Latest in Beauty February 2018

It's been a couple of months since there have been enough products to tempt me into ordering a Latest in Beauty Box. But recently there was a run of Jurlique products on offer and my interest was well and truly piqued! I opted for the Beauty Enthusiast Box - which is six items for £15.00 (inclusive of P+P) BUY HERE. No extra surprises this time and just one sample ( a tea bag!).
Jurlique Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser This applies as a lovely rich cream, which has tiny exfoliating polishing beads and then as you add a bit of water it lathers up into an intensely luxe foam. Some foams can leave your skin feeling tight and dry but this one left my skin feeling clean but moisturised too.
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist I'd previously tried out a small sample of this mist and loved it. Although this was a couple of years ago and at the time I didn't get the gist of the mist! Back then I thought it was a make up setting spray but it didn't work in that way for me so I u…

February Empties

Not as much progress this month with the empties. Skincare and Make up * Ziaja Micellar Water - I used this most mornings for cleansing but it does slightly irritate my eyes so I don't use it for eye make up removal. * Holika Holika - Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam - After buying this last year I realised that I had a bit of an intolerance to Aloe Vera, so I put this in the shower for the rest of the family to use up. * This Works - In Transit Camera Close Up Mask, Moisturiser and Primer in One - Not an empty but a de-clutter. Tried this out as a mask, moisturiser and primer - none of it worked and I don't want to waste anymore time on a bad product! * Eau Thermal Avene - Extremely gentle lotion cleanser - I bought this last winter when my skin was extra sensitive in the cold weather. It's interesting to note that this winter I haven't suffered at all with sensitive skin, however cold it gets. That must be testament to the products I'm using! * DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil - Thi…