Morning Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

I don't want to jinx it but my skin has been looking pretty okay recently. This is what I have been using in the mornings to achieve that healthy summer natural glow (which means I can stick to wearing BB and CC Creams rather than full-on foundation!) This is a post-swim, post-cleanse routine: * The Ordinary - Glycolic Toner I've been using this a lot recently to try and finish it up. I used to think that the 7% Glycolic acid was just a little too harsh for my skin, but this time around, it's not been as irritating. * May Coop - Morning Dew Mist This was a T.K Maxx bargain find! This mist has the most delicious scent. I can't figure out what it reminds me of, but it's made of Acer Maple Water - maybe that's the scent? It has a nice, reasonably fine spray mister and it absorbs nicely into my skin with minimal tackiness. * Bielenda Dr Medica - Capillaries Serum The one product that I will use, without fail, every morning. This lovely runny but slightly viscous clear ser…

Mid-Year Skinventory

Every six months on Instagram, there is a monthly challenge where you photograph your entire skincare stash (a day for each category). And I have been partaking, because it's a great way to account for what you actually have to use up and helps to put the brakes on unnecessary spending and (hopefully) impulse buys! Since doing the first challenge of the year back in January, I've definitely been a lot more conscious about what I'm buying and have only replaced items rather than bought extras. Obviously, I've been no angel and there have been a couple of impulse buys (plus all the items from Beauty Boxes and review items). But generally, I've been quite pleased with my progress in using up my stash first before buying more. One major thing it has taught me is that I'm now having to pay for all those impulse buys that I made in the past couple of years as my skincare routine often includes items that I'm not particularly fond of and just need to use up. I'd…

Weekly Makeup Bag #24

There's a lot of sales on and deals about at the moment, which makes it very hard not to impulse buy more makeup! Boots is currently offering a 3 for 2 deal (and Superdrug will probably follow soon). So it's no surprise that I bought a few new bits this week as the offers were too good to refuse! One place I bought something new, which I didn't expect to find, was actually at a car boot sale! There are often people selling off their makeup and skincare at car boot sales but I don't tend to go for it as you don't know how old it is, plus, it's generally all those awful gift sets that no one really wants anyway! But at York, I came across a girl selling some really nice palettes that were mostly new. She had a couple of Morphe palettes that she explained had come damaged in the post (a couple of smashed pans) and the vendor had just sent her new ones, so she still had the original damaged ones. I've wanted to try a Morphe palette for a while, so for £5, I picked …

Nail Rescue!

Ohh my nails are trashed!! It's always a struggle for me to keep my nails in great (or even good) condition - mainly because I'm an ex nail-biter and still a nail nibbler. Last week was pretty stressful and I did a lot of driving (I tend to nibble on long drives) so I managed to chew down several of my 'good' nails and ended up filing them all down really short to see if I could try and get them into a good (or reasonable) shape again. Here's what I have in my nail rescue kit:

 Ciate - Knight in Shining Armour - Overnight Nail Mask £12.00 for 13.5ml BUY HERE Whenever I have completely bare nails (and whenever I remember!) I'll pop a good layer of this nail mask on my nails before bed and then wash it off in the morning. I don't know exactly what it does (if anything)! It's one of those products that doesn't show you instant results but you know that it's working in the long run. This mask is enriched with Marula Oil and is intended for hydrating, brig…

Weekly Makeup Bag #23

Not much to see here, so feel free to move swiftly along! Usually, after a week of using the same products after a week, I'm champing at the bit to choose the next week's makeup selection. But this week I've kept several main items in the bag from last week as they worked really well for me. I was travelling quite a bit last week and didn't take the large Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette with me so I feel like I'm not done with that yet. It really is the most versatile palette I own.
* Primer - Pixi by Petra - Flawless & Poreless Primer - I hardly used this last week so I'm keeping it in to give it another try. * Foundation - L'Oreal - True Match -  This worked so well for me last week that I didn't want to mess with the formula! I did notice some cakiness around my nose but this does coincide with the introduction of a new retinol serum, which could possibly be causing a little bit of dryness/flakiness. * Undereye Concealer - Inglot - would you believe, this st…

Unboxing ~ Look Fantastic Beauty Box June 2018

The Look Fantastic monthly beauty box is £15.00 per month (free P+P) - Subscribe HERE

When I heard that this was going to be the second special edition box of the year, I was really hoping that I'd be more excited about this box than I was by the previous two.
This edit is called 'Into the Blue' and this month you can expect seven items (it's usually six) which promise to rejuvenate, illuminate, hydrate and refresh us all. Box Design Score: 3.5/5 It certainly is a very refreshing looking box. Not sure this is a keeper for me though.
With the usual accompanying free copy of Elle Magazine and the Beauty Box booklet. I do really like the opulence of the navy tissue paper and the gold writing.

Excitement Score: 5/5 Yess! Loving the look of everything in here at first reveal. * Elemis - Superfood Facial Wash Excitement Score: 5/5 I think Elemis has to be one of my favourite skincare brands - I can't think of a single Elemis product I haven't liked. This facial wash contains w…

Alternatives to The Ordinary Products - Niacinamide

If you're an Instagram user then it will have been nigh on impossible for you not to have noticed all the drama surrounding Deciem CEO Brandon Truaxe's bizarre Instagram posts. It all seemed to kick off quite quickly ( I won't go into it too much here) with him posting, at first, passive posts where everything was 'peaceful and loving' and quickly degenerated into pretty hateful comments directed at other users who questioned his behaviour. He even started to highlight certain comments he'd made on his Instagram stories, where he seemed quite pleased with his snarky, and sometimes downright abusive replies to certain comments. It was uncomfortable viewing from the off - but then it became so bad that for me personally, I could no longer try and turn a blind eye to the way he made the whole Deciem brand feel pretty toxic. I'm guessing I tried to ignore it for a while as I was a great fan of most Deciem products - particularly those from The Ordinary brand. Ther…