February 2020 Favourites

It may be a short month but I've had plenty of new products to play with.
Here's a selection of my favourites that I've tried this month.

Slow Ageing Essentials

This Slow Ageing Essentials trio have, in the past month, become my Sunday evening skincare routine. Pared back to the basics but just as pampering and full of self-care as any of my more drawn-out routines. The face wash is pearly and silky and surprisingly smells of bubblegum (surprisingly because all of the ingredients are natural botanics). The face essence is a beautiful herbal oil-based serum and makes for a gorgeous and indulgent facial massage. Slow Ageing have a massage technique that they called Skin'esis which is available to view on their website. However, this essence absorbs so well that I found it had absorbed completely before I finished the massage and needed to replenish in order to stop my hands and fingers dragging on my skin.
And finally the balm, which is one of those balms which is ideal for use as a night balm on the face. It's a lovely rich and nourishing balm, full of skin feeding butters.
Read my first impressions here.

Mila's Apothecary - Hedgerow Nectar

I can see how this is going to go! After receiving one of Mila's Apothecary Winter Gift Sets for Christmas, I knew that I was definitely going to have to get my hands on any and all of Mila's offerings!
The Hedgerow Nectar is utter joy! Deep and rich with the scent of strawberries, this oil can be used either on the face or the body.
Strawberry seeds are the by-product of jam making so would otherwise go to waste, but here they form the body of the main superstar ingredient, Strawberry Seed Oil. Rich in essential fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6, as well as Vitamins A, B, C and E.
This has the scent of summer lanes but the oomph to pep up dull winter skin. Lovely stuff!
Review to follow.

Pat McGrath - Mthrshp Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette

This was a real FOMO impulse buy! I'd always eyed up Pat McGrath makeup with a feeling of longing - viewing them as just that little bit out of my reach with what I'm comfortable spending on makeup. So it was serendipitous indeed when I spotted that the Mthrshp Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette was on offer with 50% off - £25.00 instead of it's usual price of £50.00 (it still is at time of writing).
There's always the risk with these FOMO purchases that the reality never quite lives up to the anticipation. But I'm happy to report that this palette was just as good as I hoped. Only six pans but I've found that I can quite happily use this palette for a week without repeating a look twice.
The golden taupes, rich bronzes and velvety plums are richly pigmented and buttery with no fall-out. They blend well,are long-wearing and the colours remain bold all day. The case is a bit fiddly and I would have preferred a simpler design, but as the product itself is clearly superior, then I'm sure I can overlook a design which I feel is a bit clumsy.

Bybi- Bakuchiol Booster

It's been impossible to avoid the mention of Bakuchiol recently. A natural and gentler alternative to Retinol, many brands have released Bakuchiol products to their ranges and I wasn't going to be able to hold out too long before curiosity got the better of me.
The Bybi Bakuchiol Booster comprises of just two ingredients - Bakuchiol and Olive Squalane which is sure to please ingredient purists.
I use this every other night in my evening skincare routine and have been using it for several weeks now. It's probably too early to form any opinions about longer term usage, but I've been impressed with its performance so far. It's not the best at fully absorbing though, so it's not a product I'd use in my morning routine. 

Will this replace my usual Retinol serum? Nope! But it does make a nice alternative.
Review to follow shortly.

Ellyfante - Pack of 6 Bamboo Flannels

I never thought I'd get so excited by a face cloth!
But with Ellyfante, you'll definitely find the zenith of the flannel world.
I purchased this box of six eco friendly supersoft bamboo face cloths in a presentation box back in December. And there's been no greater joy in slowly and deliciously choosing a brand new flannel from the box every few weeks.
Luckily, these face cloths wash really well so the softness lasts after repeated washing. These are large sized flannels too, making for easy face wash and makeup removal.
You can buy a box of six for just £15.00.

Natures Notes London - Looks Delhicious Soap (*Gifted)

Amina very kindly sent me a bar of her newest soap 'Looks Delhicious' back in December.
I got around to unwrapping it this month and oh my! It doesn't just look like a delicious bar of fudge but it smells absolutely gorgeous too! Cinnamon Leaf & Sweet Orange evoke all those gorgeous wintry, Christmas time scents that make me so happy!
See my mini review here.


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